Sklum is a company dedicated to the manufacture of furniture of the highest quality-price ratio on the market. A real meeting place for design lovers. 

One of the SKLUM headquarters in Spain is located in Villalonga (Valencia). From there they contacted us to install one of our Generators to cover the energy needs in the strongest moments of production.

The genset chosen was a 440kva Baudouin soundproof generator set.

Our soundproof cabins are insulated with high-density rock wool to reduce noise to a minimum. In addition, it is modularly configured, with fully removable doors for easy access to the chosen electronic group, a powerful 440kva Baudouin located inside. This type of cabin does not require additional protection and is weatherproof.

Detail of the generator set inside the soundproof cabin.

Thanks to Sklum for the trust placed in Tecnics GE generator sets. With this installation, the production in Sklum Villalonga is guaranteed in case of any possible failure in the electrical network of the area.

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